Sun Pillar

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Sun Pillar jpg showing loss due to compression

Winter scene with a good look at the unusual ‘sun-pillar’ effect. This is a type of optical effect when sunlight is reflected off ice crystals in the air. They are commonly called Sun pillars or light pillars. The effects shows both above and below the sun, but the most dramatic displays show a bright pillar… Read more »

Minnesota State and Public Parks

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There are 66 parks & 6 recreation areas in the Minnesota State Park system. (This photo was taken at Lake Carlos State Park near Alexandria, MN.) I’ve been to most of them and we’ll (hopefully) be getting to them all over time. They say not to tell people what you are planning on doing with… Read more »

Road tripping with Paco…

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Everyday life and the commitments you have are constantly demanding your time. But a break for a photo trek can give you new energy and insight about your hobby. And today was a day when I think it was worth it. I am surprised how much more I have been enjoying getting out and taking… Read more »

Walking on water…

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Did I ever tell you I could hit a golf ball over a mile on level terrain? No, I’m not kidding, it’s true! I just need to find the right frozen lake with no snow and a little wind at my back. Which brings me to my first subject, ice. And particularly, ice fishing. I… Read more »