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Objective: Easy, Fast and Cool Image Sharing

Preliminary listing of steps to take:

  • Automatically download images to hard drive.
  • Fast image resizing, cropping.
  • Fast image adjustments, enhancements.
  • Fast Borders
  • Automatically create new smaller sized images.
  • Fast Web layout.
  • Cool Web layout.
  • Fast access to link.
  • Fast Emailing of Link to others.

Next Actions:

Check this out for Photo Editing:

Photo editor online – edit image

Document it here: ??


In a nutshell

In a Nutshell

The Folder Sentinel program started as an off shoot from the original PhotoMove program.

Photomove always had images in it?s heart.

Button Button

AHK Shortcode for Thumbnail


In a nutshell

Example Title

Example Text

Button Button

Site build-out tasks:


RP Site

By Priority:

  • Sentinel Project – Beta Pages
  • RP – Mods and Changes
  • Verify Pandoc support in Sentinel.
  • Announce pending release of Sentinel.
  • Set release date for Sentinel beta.


loremflickr – placeholder images

Current Objectives

  • Incorporate Bootstrap elements using AHK
  • Setup preliminary Beta pages for Sentinel Program


Folder Sentinel Logo Here

List Specs for Folder Sentinel Naming Contest



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