Objective: Easy, Fast and Cool Image Sharing

Preliminary listing of steps to take:

  • Automatically download images to hard drive.
  • Fast image resizing, cropping.
  • Fast image adjustments, enhancements.
  • Fast Borders
  • Automatically create new smaller sized images.
  • Fast Web layout.
  • Cool Web layout.
  • Fast access to link.
  • Fast Emailing of Link to others.

Next Actions:

Check this out for Photo Editing:

Photo editor online – Pixlr.com edit image

Document it here: ??


In a nutshell

In a Nutshell

The Folder Sentinel program started as an off shoot from the original PhotoMove program.

Photomove always had images in it?s heart.

Button Button

AHK Shortcode for Thumbnail


In a nutshell

Example Title

Example Text

Button Button

Site build-out tasks:


RP Site

By Priority:

  • Sentinel Project – Beta Pages
  • RP – Mods and Changes
  • Verify Pandoc support in Sentinel.
  • Announce pending release of Sentinel.
  • Set release date for Sentinel beta.


loremflickr – placeholder images

Current Objectives

  • Incorporate Bootstrap elements using AHK
  • Setup preliminary Beta pages for Sentinel Program


Folder Sentinel Logo Here

List Specs for Folder Sentinel Naming Contest



Sentinel Information

Pandoc?s Markdown Rules

Markdown Section on Sentinel Site

Sentinel Site Home Page

xPanda Hotkeys

CSS – Bootstrap3 – Items


xPanda Hotkeys

Bluejay Placeholder

Upcoming Bluejay Content Here

est to gmt

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