Using PhotoMove on a Mac

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Use Parallels or another Windows VM to run PhotoMove on your Mac. A number of Mac users have reported no problems using PhotoMove on their Mac when they use Parallels. This is an alternative that enables you make use of the features of PhotoMove. Parallels creates a virtual Windows machine that allows you to run… Read more »

Thank You For Applying

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Thanks for applying. You will be notified when the beta test cycle opens. Sentinel Information ***** Pandoc’s Markdown Rules Markdown Section on Sentinel Site Sentinel Site Home Page xPanda Hotkeys CSS – Bootstrap3 – Items     Google  xPanda Hotkeys Star

Sentinel Forms Markup

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Sentinel Forms Markup Sentinel Markup for HTML Forms Sentinel Form Markup converts simple descriptions of form controls and automatically converts this into a fully functiontal validated and secure html form. The purpose of this module is to allow simple and easy creation and modifications of forms. No knowledge of programming or Html is required. Basic… Read more »

PhotoMove To Do – Modification Notes

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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and standard change log format . [] Version Released (2022-Oct-15) Version 2.5 Released (2020-Feb-21) Changed Update and combine Change Log 2.5 Post Release: To Do Before Beta 2.6 Release: Recode new todo’s. 3 items. (2020-Feb-20) Add… Read more »

Using PhotoMove on a NAS

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There have only been a few people (three actually) who have contacted me about their NAS systems. PhotoMove was not seeing their NAS drives. In two cases it turned out that the users were able to correct the problem by turning on Windows Network Discovery. In the third case, the problem was resolved when the… Read more »

Image Sharing Overview

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Objective: Easy, Fast and Cool Image Sharing Preliminary listing of steps to take: Automatically download images to hard drive. Fast image resizing, cropping. Fast image adjustments, enhancements. Fast Borders Automatically create new smaller sized images. Fast Web layout. Cool Web layout. Fast access to link. Fast Emailing of Link to others. Next Actions: Check this… Read more »

Carousel Unit

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Hotkey: rpcaro Slide 1 Demo images sized at 1200 x 480 (2.5:1 aspect ratio) Hotkey shortcode: rpcaro (RP Carousel) Slide 2 Second slide label Aliquam sit amet gravida nibh, facilisis gravida odio. Slide 3 Third slide label Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur. Thumbnail Module with Button(s) This is an example. This image… Read more »