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PhotoMove-Information about Features

Automatically move photos and videos to directories or folders based on each file's embedded exif date taken:
Handle any image format that contains Exif Date Created Information:
Find and move or copy RAW files. Canon, Nikon and others:
Sort photos and videos into a structured folder format by Year, Month and Date Taken:
Sort photos and videos into a folder format by Year, Month, Date Taken and Camera Model:
Six additional output folder structure formats: (Example)
Process video files. Sorts your video files and clips:
Choose which file types to move or copy: (Example)
Choose files to move or copy for specific camera model(s): (Example)
Optionally move or copy files without exif data to a user defined folder:
Optionally move or copy files without exif data to structured folders using the file date: New! (More Info)
Control how duplicate files are handled when found. Skip, Rename, Overwrite or Move to a separate folder:(Example)
Run PhotoMove from a batch file or the command line: (More Info)
Run on your Mac. Requires using Parallels or another Windows VM: New! (More Info)
Price:Free$8.99 US

Choose the Pro or Free Version to Download:

PhotoMove 2.5 Pro

$8.99 US

PhotoMove 2.5 Free

  PhotoMove 2 Free

20 Responses to “PhotoMove Pro Features and Options”

  1. Deidre Woods

    This is the best and easiest photo sorting app out there. I am a scrapbooker and my pictures are one of my dear possessions! Keeping photos sorted by date and year has been a game changer and saves me so much time. I have used this numerous times over and over after downloading my photos from iCloud for storage to an external drive for safekeeping. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

  2. Andre Patricio Peixoto

    I simply have no words. Within 10 minutes on the free version I was conviced.
    PhotoMove changed my workflow for better, so much better and easier. :)

    Saves me so much time. :D Totally worth it.

  3. Michael Baker

    Thanks Chris. And thanks for the nice comment. Happy to hear PhotoMove was helpful.

  4. Chris Bennett

    After years of HDDs gathering dust and drives cloned, the photo situation was a mess. Well over 450,000 photos and no idea where to start with the cleanup process.

    Got a NAS, set it as the output location, went through each of my hard drives with a USB dock, a few days of work (mainly the software doing its thing in the background) a very clean and tidy library.
    This is the absolute best software i have ever paid for.
    It is so easy to use, the duplication checking and move to feature is a savior. Nothing was deleted, all the duplicates sent to its own directory for revision.

    Do not hesitate, the trial version had me sold within the first few minutes of use.

  5. James Harvey

    Replaces the “sort” feature in the old Canon Zoombrowser that Windows no longer supports AND sorts all types of video files too. And faster.

  6. George Frost

    Great App , saved me hours of work. Simple idea that is worth every penny of the pro price. Simple to use and will be an important component of my work flow.

  7. Matthew Boyle

    PhotoMove is a great app. I have used it for a few years now. Photomove has saved me hours and hours organizing old and disorganized photo and video files – SIMPLY!

    Pro is more than worth the money. I will pay for an upgrade whenever it becomes available (not that an upgrade is needed to be honest).

    Thank you!

  8. Tyler W

    Perfect software for what I was trying to do. works great! I would love to see an additional output folder option. It would be great if a YM (single folder) output was an option. if you could add an option to not have the day in the single folder output that would be great! I have a NAS that has 30K+ pictures that are copies of copies and this software makes it so easy! THANK YOU – The PRO option is worth it! PhotoMove 2.5 PRO for the win. I was at a complete standstill before I discovered this software.

  9. Herve

    Fantastic app which I have been using for nearly 2 years. I really enjoy the flexibility regarding the output folder structure. I use it to organise the photos on my Synology NAS (I just mount it to my Windows 10 PC and point PhotoMove ot it)

  10. ChrisW

    Just found Photomove – fantastic – and remarkably quick at grinding through around 70,000 photos
    I currently run a “by-date” manual system and have just found Photomove. It’s a great – saving me hours sorting out mis-filings and apparently lost pictures.

  11. berto

    THANK YOU!!! 100% worth the pro account; the specs and price for the upgrade to PRO mode is worth every penny.

    I have been looking for a program like this for a long time! How I never found PhotoMove before boggles my mind.
    I started organizing my photos years ago and made many mistakes (lots of duplicates, hard to find, ect…) and gave up for a long time until I found PhotoMove early this Month (10/2019).

    Extremely user-friendly.
    Fast download. Fast install.
    Tested PhotoMove with 80,000+ photos from my portable hard drive and everything worked as advertised – Left the app running and when I woke up in the morning it was complete! – It would have taken weeks to organize the photos manually!

    Thank you so much for such a time saver!! I will definitely recommend to other photographers!

  12. Phil Ducker

    Absolutely love this app.
    Tried the free version and then bought the pro after about 5 minutes.
    This is a godsend. I had about 3000 pics and videos downloaded into one folder from my phone over about 3 years (I’ve been busy ok). They were all sorted in less than 10 minutes, into dated folders.
    Very very happy.

  13. Paul Mouncey

    Great utility! Really saved me hours and hours of stuffing around.


  14. Jay

    Hi Mike
    Many thanks for your prompt service when dealing with my activation query.

  15. Garry Roberts

    I had to recover my data drive with circa 300,000 images on there and searched all over for moving them based on camera attributes. This application finds them and seems to also be able to find dates of them as well which is a bonus I didn’t think that I would get.

    Well worth the £6.50 (English money) that you pay for it

    Nice GUI as well

    Thank you Garry

  16. bob hedges

    Great price for a wonderful piece of software. Try doing this by hand. Impossible if you have thousands, and thousands of digital photos taken over the years. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Take the time to learn the software. Once you have everything setup right, click either “copy” or “move” and go watch tv for a couple hours.

  17. Vik

    I’ve had digital cameras for ages (dating back to before EXIF data was even saved), and as much as I want to stay organized I usually let it get to the point where it simply becomes overwhelming. A bit of googling today and I found this, one of a kind app that helps me keep it simple and organize my files the way I want.

    Kind of a pointless email (I have no suggestions yet), except to say PhotoMove is BRILLIANT and will stay in my arsenal for the foreseeable future. THANK YOU!

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