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  1. Phil Ducker

    Absolutely love this app.
    Tried the free version and then bought the pro after about 5 minutes.
    This is a godsend. I had about 3000 pics and videos downloaded into one folder from my phone over about 3 years (I’ve been busy ok). They were all sorted in less than 10 minutes, into dated folders.
    Very very happy.

  2. Paul Mouncey

    Great utility! Really saved me hours and hours of stuffing around.


  3. Jay

    Hi Mike
    Many thanks for your prompt service when dealing with my activation query.

  4. Garry Roberts

    I had to recover my data drive with circa 300,000 images on there and searched all over for moving them based on camera attributes. This application finds them and seems to also be able to find dates of them as well which is a bonus I didn’t think that I would get.

    Well worth the £6.50 (English money) that you pay for it

    Nice GUI as well

    Thank you Garry

  5. bob hedges

    Great price for a wonderful piece of software. Try doing this by hand. Impossible if you have thousands, and thousands of digital photos taken over the years. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Take the time to learn the software. Once you have everything setup right, click either “copy” or “move” and go watch tv for a couple hours.

  6. Vik

    I’ve had digital cameras for ages (dating back to before EXIF data was even saved), and as much as I want to stay organized I usually let it get to the point where it simply becomes overwhelming. A bit of googling today and I found this, one of a kind app that helps me keep it simple and organize my files the way I want.

    Kind of a pointless email (I have no suggestions yet), except to say PhotoMove is BRILLIANT and will stay in my arsenal for the foreseeable future. THANK YOU!

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