Technology has a way of moving toward the biggest and smallest ends of every spectrum, and the case with mini digital cameras is no different.

While the trend in cameras has been to see how many more megapixels each manufacturer can squeeze into regular sized cameras, there is a growing trend of small mini sized cameras coming on to the market.

Some of these are small enough to be carried in a usb stick or on a key chain. While most users report that the photo quality of these smallest of cameras leave a lot to be desired, I still believe that there is a place for these types of cameras.

Tiny Cameras – Lots of Uses

While the very smallest minis won’t be what you would want to use for high quality images, the ability to have a camera in your pocket at all times is something we all wish we could have.

If you had a camera on your key chain, and for the first week or so after you got it you would take a few pictures every day, it would stick in your mind that you have this little gadget in your pocket or purse. The photos they take may not be the finest quality and you hear a lot of criticism when you read the reviews of these products. But it seems that people are really missing the point.

You should not think that if you pay somewhere from $10 to $40 for a little key chain camera (the Vivitar Mini Digital Keychain Camera is pictured on the right) or one of the really small mini units that you will get the same quality photos that you would get with a $2,500 Canon or Nikon DSLR. That’s not the point. The point is that they do take usable low to medium resolution photos in normal lighting conditions.

And there are lots of situations where having any type of camera to snap a quick photo would really be a benefit. If you are out shopping and you see something that you might want to consider in the future, snap a quick pick and research it later when you have time. Or if you see a sign in a store window, or spot something you want to remember for later, a quick photo will have enough quality for you to get the information from later.

If you see a newsworthy event, or just want a quick shot of some special occasion, you will always have your little camera with you. And it goes without saying that if you would have the bad luck to be in an accident, or witness one, a few pictures of the scene and people involved can be your private record in case you need to refresh your memory later.

These also make excellent gifts for kids and will bring out the James Bond in them.

These types of camera typically use a single AAA battery, so the cost of using it is minimal.

It wasn’t that many years ago when having a camera and taking photos was an expense that forced people to take pictures only for ‘special’ occasions. Things have now radically changed with digital photography. The cost and ease of use of cameras has moved to the point that we should all keep in our minds that anything we see is something that we could instantly record if we just remembered to do it.

The power, quality and ease of use of all digital cameras continues to get better and better. Maybe now is the time for you to do some thinking about the way you use them in your everyday life.

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