PhotoMove Roadmap

Other Pending Changes and Updates:

  • The option to name a month in the created directory structure i.e.?instead of 2019-11, 2019-Nov.~Ian
  • Option for sub-directories NOT to have the directory name from above (e.g., 9 vs.?2019-9).~Bob
  • The ability to save a text file of those files without exif information, perhaps in a processible form (.xls ?).~Ryan
  • A count of those files without exif information so that all affected image files can be reconciled. A save-able text record would be good?~Ian
  • The ability to RENAME using the EXIF information plus a USER created string (photographers name ? owner ? company?) upon COPY or MOVE.~Ian
  • Sound alarm to signal completion?~Ian
  • Show pop-up message to signal completion?
  • Shutdown pc on completion?~Ian
  • Potential to rename files during copy/move.~Bob
  • Add New folder structure types:
    • Instead of splitting folder by ?Camera Model?, add an option to append the camera model to the filename.~Rocco
    • Allow users to enter their own mask like: %YYYY-%MM-%DD_%CAM ~Michael D
  • Add Subfolder Separation ~Michael D

    I find that my photos are often taken in batches, these batches represent the timing of particular events. It would be useful to be able to enter a duration in days (hours is too little in my opinion to separate substantial events), then events subfolders would be created under the YYMMDD folder that had time separation greater than the duration specified.

    Ie. Lets say im in my caravan snapping pics at least every 2 days for a week. I then return home and don?t take any pics for a 5 days. I then go out on a work event and take more pictures. If I set a separation parameter in your utility to 3 days, it would create 2 ?Event###? subfolders each with the specific pictures. I realise it wouldn?t be perfect and manual intervention is always required at some point but it could be nice.

  • I would like to see an option to also rename the file. The format I would like to see would be something like 2013-05-13_21:30:15.jpg (i.e.?date time). I do not care to retain the original file name as it is meaningless anyway, perhaps something like P000431.jpg etc.~Ron
  • Might be nice to offer a checkbox to delete folders that remain empty – or are empty plus the Windows thumbnail file.~Russell
  • Add option to just do YYYYMM no space, dash or underscore. But nice to have the option for day. YYYYMMDD.~James
  • Add third option to allow ReTry on ?The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process? Error.

Potential Ideas:

  • Group by GeoTag~Michael D

Events usually occur at the same location. If you could use the geotag info you could group photos that occur within 5 miles of each other or a mix of place/time gap.

  • Sorting Misc~Bob

Other ways to sort based on the exif data (not just yr, mo, day) maybe by week (or break out # of days), or sort by locations. Or another option that allows for both sorting of directories and seeing the month, you could have the option of using a directory structure like 01-Jan, 02-Feb, etc.

  • Smart Separation~Michael D

I?m mentioning this one as if it worked it would replace the previous idea and improve upon it. We need a bit of maths to do this, and I?m not quite sure exactly how you would do it but here goes:

Offer a Smart Separation options in the interface, it would group pictures by event in Event### subfolders.

How it works:

Place the pictures into their respective folders as current, then? Analyse each picture in the folder in Time Taken sequence Note for each picture, the gap between It and the Next picture in the folder in seconds. Offer a time bias for pictures taken between say 10pm and 8am, possibly subtract times in this zone from the gap time. Calculate the Mean Average gap time. Calculate the Standard Deviation.

Here?s a great overview of stddev: Standard Deviation

Your optimum gap ?may? be the Mean+Standard deviation, I say may because I?m just speculating and it just might not work out this way.

Now run the folder separation as mentioned above but this time using your Optimum gap calculation. Voila. Or not. Who knows but interesting.

  • copy/move based on keywords.~edison400

for example C:.jpg finds the keywords: Jane;Bob;1999;birthday copy that picture to the following folders C: C: C:\1999 C: go on to the next picture ignore date meta data

4 Responses to “PhotoMove Roadmap and User Suggestions”

  1. Michael Baker

    Hi Fred,

    You can move files directly to a network drive. Just choose the drive and the folder from the ‘Network Places’ in the dropdown when you click on ‘Choose Output Folder’ in PhotoMove. This will show the drive and folder with it’s network name.

    You can optionally map your network drive or folder to a drive letter. Here is a link that explains how to do this. Create a shortcut to (map) a network drive – Microsoft Windows Help

    If you check the box ‘Reconnect at logon’ the link will always be live and you only will have to do this once.

    After you have mapped the drive, start PhotoMove and you will be able to choose the mapped drive or any of it’s folders as a destination for your files.


  2. Fred

    thanks for the tool. However, I’d really happy to be able to write output files directly on a network drive since my pictures repository is on a NAS. With current version, I’ve to dump files on a local disk then move them onto the NAS which is a bit tedious and a waste if time. Thanks!

  3. Michael Baker

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for advising me about this. I’ve made the changes in the program. The current version will no longer show that dialog box if a person is running PhotoMove from the command line.


  4. Jeff

    Great product – I have one wish though. I’m using PhotoMove from a command file using Windows Scheduler to run on an ongoing scheduled basis. However, I want to avoid the message box to appear when it cannot find any photos. Because it then requires me to manually click . I just want it to run silently with no user interactions.

    Thanks for making a great product!

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