There have only been a few people (three actually) who have contacted me about their NAS systems. PhotoMove was not seeing their NAS drives. In two cases it turned out that the users were able to correct the problem by turning on Windows Network Discovery.

In the third case, the problem was resolved when the user turned off the SMB2 protocol and reverted to standard SMB.

If You Are Having Problems

Here is some information and links that may help.

You may have to turn Network Discovery on in your Windows settings. Here are a couple of Microsoft links that offer explanation:

Enable or disable network discovery – Windows Help

What is network discovery? – Windows Help

If you have other NAS issues you can check these for possible help:

How to Fix Windows 7 NAS Drive Problems

NAS PROBLEM W7 – Microsoft Community

Need More Help?

If you can’t get things to work, please let me know. We have lots and lots of users who use PhotoMove across their networks, NAS’s, mapped drives, usb sticks, smartphones, etc. Shoot us an email at and we will do whatever we can to help you resolve the issue.

What is NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a single dedicated hard drive storage unit which has its own network IP address on your home network. The NAS will give you the ability to store data and then access it from any other device on your network.

Many NAS systems operate under their own proprietary operating system. This can cause conflicts and probems, especially if the NAS is an older unit, or if you do not have current drivers and software intalled.

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