PhotoMove Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does PhotoMove do if my destination folder contains duplicate files?

    In the Free Version, if it finds a duplicate file name in the destination folder, the source file is not moved or copied.

    In the Pro Version, you can choose from three options: Opt 1: Do not move or copy the source file. (Same as the free version.) Opt 2: Automatically rename the source file, then move or copy it. Opt 3: Overwrite the existing destination file with the source file.

  • How long does it take PhotoMove to run?

    If you have a slower computer, it can take quite a bit of time to run the ‘Find’ process. On a test of 1600 .jpg files on a Vista computer with a 2500 MHz CPU (four year old mid range computer), it took approx 1 minute for the ‘Find’ process to run. Then moving the files into their new sorted by date folders took less than 10 seconds.

    Your results will vary. If you think you are having problems, copy a few (20 or less) of your images to a new test folder. Run PhotoMove on these test files. Feel free to contact us if you find you still have problems.

    * Do a few tests first if you plan on running PhotoMove on a directory with thousands of files.

  • Does the program contain any Adware or SpyWare?

    Definitely not!

    We guarantee that PhotoMove does not have any built in or hidden spyware, adware or viruses of any kind.

  • Is there any charge for the PhotoMove 2.5 Free program?

    No. The Free Version is totally free. We encourage you to use it for any personal purpose without restriction.

    The Pro Version that is available at minimal cost adds many additional features and options but is not required.

  • Are there any new updates or enhancements planned??

    Yes. Updates to PhotoMove 2.5 were released on Apr 6, 2020. A number of enhancements and additional options were added to this version. We are constantly working on improving PhotoMove. If there is anything you’d like to see, please leave us a comment. We appreciate all feedback.

  • How can I get more help?

    If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us at any time. We will respond to your concern quickly.

2 Responses to “FAQ – PhotoMove Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Michael Baker

    Hi Luke,

    PhotoMove Pro looks at both the file name and the internal exif date taken (if available) to determine if a file is a duplicate.

    In other words, it would consider two files a duplicate (and optionally rename the second one) if they were both taken on the same day and have the exact same file name.

    Thanks for using PhotoMove,


  2. Luke R

    Does PhotoMove Pro 2.0 look at more than just the file name to determine if a file is a duplicate? Does it compare file size etc?

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