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(update: Aug 2, 2009) I am now really looking forward to having some time to work with this project. While I don’t think that I dream about having an A Class blog, I do want to ‘give something back’ to the web community that I have learned so much from.

One of my favorite blogs for ‘just reading’ has always been Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits. He has achieved remarkable success over the years that I’ve been following his blog, and now he is starting a program to help and encourage others to also become better bloggers. So let’s see if (with a little help from Leo) we can’t make RP into a useful site for new and aspiring digital photographers.

(update: Jan 27, 2008)

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I started this site four years ago at the same time I ‘rediscovered’ photography by switching from film to digital. I had always enjoyed photography, but was amazed at the instant feedback that digital provided. I was overcome by the possibilities of the fusion between digital photography and the internet. And by how much more quickly a person could learn about and improve their photo skills.

For the first couple of years I happily snapped many thousands of photos and occasionally came up with some that I thought were quite nice. And I saw many places that I wish now I would have more properly ‘photo-documented’.

I traveled to most of the State Parks in Minnesota and a many other places hiking around and clicking away.

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I would post the photos on this site organized by the date of each outing and really enjoyed having family and friends visit and have the chance to see some of my ‘better’ or more interesting shots.

But now I’ve realized that the way I previously organized this site and my photos did not not make it useful for anything other than a chronological listing of various pictures. And not really useful for myself or anyone else.

As I’ve discussed a little in my first ‘new’ posts in this new format, I am going to take a new tack. It seemed like it would be too big a project to both go back and redo the site along with continuing on with a new direction for the future. (This is a hobby, right?) So the best direction is to ‘start over’ and then pull some of the old content back and incorporate it into the new format when there is time. I’m looking forward to re-energizing this photography hobby. I would like to focus on the idea of finding and taking nice shots wherever and whenever you have a chance to get out with the camera. And if hoofing it around taking pictures adds a little exercise to each day it sure can’t hurt. So, if you’re in the mood, dig your camera out and let’s start shooting!

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