What is Exif Data?

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Exif Data Explained Exif data, short for Exchangeable Image File Format, is metadata embedded within a photo file that contains information about the camera and settings used to take the photo. This information can include the camera model, aperture setting, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, and even GPS coordinates if the camera is equipped with… Read more »

5 More Excellent Reasons to Take More Photos

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1. By taking more photos, you can improve your technical skills and learn new techniques. Practice regularly. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at photography. Try to set aside time each week to go out and take photos, whether it’s of a specific subject or just whatever catches your eye. Experiment with different… Read more »

The Power of Photography: 5 Reasons to Take More Photos

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1. Photography is a great way to express yourself creatively and capture the world as you see it. Experiment with different perspectives and angles: Try getting low to the ground, shooting from above, or finding unique viewpoints. Play with light. Try using natural light, artificial light, or backlighting to create different moods and effects in… Read more »

How To Check the EXIF Data In Your Photos

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What does EXIF Mean and What is EXIF Data? EXIF is an abbreviation for Exchangeable Image File Format. When you take a modern digital photo the image is saved in a file. Along with the actual image itself, the camera saves a number of other parameters that record the photo’s technical and descriptive information. These… Read more »

Add PhotoMove Exception to Windows Defender

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Whitelisting PhotoMove with Windows Defender Here are the steps to add PhotoMove 2.exe as an exception to Windows Defender. 1. Right-click the Windows Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on Settings. 2. Click on ‘Update and Security’. 3. Click on ‘Windows Security’. 4. Click on ‘Virus & threat protection’. 5…. Read more »

Dealing With PhotoMove Virus Warnings

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PhotoMove and Virus Warnings I am an individual independent software developer. I write custom programs for business clients. PhotoMove has been a hobby for me. The original version of PhotoMove was written over 14 years ago. I first offered it for free download from my site on the Web in 2004. Since then over 50,000… Read more »

Using PhotoMove on a Mac

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Use Parallels or another Windows VM to run PhotoMove on your Mac. A number of Mac users have reported no problems using PhotoMove on their Mac when they use Parallels. This is an alternative that enables you make use of the features of PhotoMove. Parallels creates a virtual Windows machine that allows you to run… Read more »

Thank You For Applying

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Thanks for applying. You will be notified when the beta test cycle opens. Sentinel Information ***** Pandoc’s Markdown Rules Markdown Section on Sentinel Site Sentinel Site Home Page xPanda Hotkeys CSS – Bootstrap3 – Items     Google  xPanda Hotkeys Star