Flowcharting on a Web Page

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Can you put a flowchart on a web page? I don’t think so. At least not the kind of flowchart I was thinking of. I am going to make a valiant effort over the next few hours to see if it’s possible. Otherwise, you will be stuck with seeing something like this:

Lake Maria area countryside

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Just a few sample shots up here for a few days while we organize things. A green barn, unusual. And with a chimney with lots of vines growing from it. This should be a real ‘green’ barn when the leaves come out on the vines. A red and blue barn. I’m sure the flowers in… Read more »

Road tripping with Paco…

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Everyday life and the commitments you have are constantly demanding your time. But a break for a photo trek can give you new energy and insight about your hobby. And today was a day when I think it was worth it. I am surprised how much more I have been enjoying getting out and taking… Read more »

Walking on water…

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Did I ever tell you I could hit a golf ball over a mile on level terrain? No, I’m not kidding, it’s true! I just need to find the right frozen lake with no snow and a little wind at my back. Which brings me to my first subject, ice. And particularly, ice fishing. I… Read more »

One more barn and other ramblings…

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Just a quick post so that you can check out this barn shot from last weekend. It’s so crisp and clean looking to me. I think this shot would look really nice on a ‘big cloud’ or stormy day. As some of you have already guessed, there will be a BARN page coming soon. We’ll… Read more »

Today’s photo is just ducky…

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It’s going to be a great spring, isn’t it? With the change in daylight saving time, there is an extra hour of daylight left after work. And this is greatest time of year with an abundance of waterfowl and birds in full plumage that will be migrating through the area. While this late Winter photo… Read more »

I think that I shall never see…

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I was looking back at some of my older photos this evening. It seems that I still have trees on my mind from my previous post. I came across this shot from two years ago. There is something about an individual tree in a photo that appeals to me. We might have to start a… Read more »