I was looking back at some of my older photos this evening. It seems that I still have trees on my mind from my previous post. I came across this shot from two years ago. There is something about an individual tree in a photo that appeals to me.

We might have to start a tree page. How about remembering to watch for majestic or interesting single trees when you are out and about. Find 12 of these and as the seasons change get 12 great shots for a tree-mendous calendar next year. What a great gift for your erudite friends in the wood working or construction business.

And the more I think about trees

the more I remember trees from past photos. This is probably my favourite tree. I took this shot while on holiday in London, England a couple of years ago. Best tree to date by far. I think the castle (actually St Albans Cathedral) in the background is a nice touch, don’t you? Serendipitous. When it comes to finding cooperative subjects that don’t mind standing still for a long time while you fiddle around getting that perfect shot, you can’t beat a tree. And for the kinder and gentler group of photographers reading this, you may want to (re-)read Joyce Kilmer’s timeless tribute to trees. It makes my lens fog up.

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