The Web is littered these days with ‘Top-Something’ lists, isn’t it? It doesn’t take much looking around to find them.

My interest in Top-Ten or Top-100 lists, etc, was to see if I could find some type of Top-Ten reason to induce me to actually open the camera bag I faithfully carry around with me each day and muster the energy to create some new photos. The problem during this season of glaciation (customarily known as Winter) is where I live, or rather where I don’t live. Those in milder climates may use their imaginations to conjure up picturesque scenes of beautiful sun lit snow colored landscapes. Or of cheerful, laughing, brightly clothed children sledding down hills covered with fluffy snow.

The (sad) truth is that here in Minnesota nobody is outside unless they are required to be. And if it’s not dark outside, it’s cloudy. So it makes it very difficult to call forth the energy required to get outside and create some photo art. However, my search for a Top-Ten reason to bust out the camera and start snapping away did yield one depressing result. I found that we rank #6 for the Top Ten Coldest Cities in the United States. (According to Wikipedia, for the month of January, we live in a colder climate than Moscow.)

Perhaps we could ban ice candles and outdoor Christmas lighting and make it into the Top Five.

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