SceneThings change. Nothing in life is static.

Both my interest in photography and the Internet have changed considerably over the past years. Part of this change started for me with the changes in photography from film to digital. I really did rediscover photography after getting my first digital camera. Now I happily click away and strive to improve my skills in search of that ‘wall-hanger’, the photo deserving of being displayed for all the world to see.

And here is a truism: To create a ‘wall-hanger’ photo, you have to learn something about photography. It’s true that anyone may ‘get lucky’ and just by clicking away stumble upon their own wall-hanger. But it doesn’t happen very often (if at all). And one way to learn more about photography is by using the resources available on the Internet.

Start looking at all the resources available on the Web. It is an excellent means of displaying and sharing your photos.Scene

Start this process by using existing resources on the Web to upload your photos. Sites such as Flickr make it easy for all who desire to share their photos with anyone who wants to look.

But then you discover that you want a better way of displaying or sharing your photos. There are many other options available. And you also want to be able to write and comment about your photos, and as you keep broadening your interests, other things. So then you discover Blogs and, if you are not faint hearted, CMS’s or Content Management Systems.

Some content management systems include e107 (which I have used but will be discontinuing) and Expression Engine which I have not used, but considered and rejected.

The point of all this is that you find that there are so many options and new things to learn that the task becomes overwhelming, or at least that’s how it seems.

So I am making a change in direction. I want to keep up my photography as a main hobby. I enjoy it a lot. But I also want to make it into something that at least a few other people in the world also find interesting. With that in mind, if you spend time here, you will be following me on my new path to changing this site. And for now, that’s all. I want to define clear goals for this project; but for a while, that will have to wait.

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