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9 Responses to “Thanks for Using PhotoMove”

  1. Thomas Longoria

    I downloaded the trial and immediately realized this was exactly what I was looking for! I purchased the pro version and couldn’t be happier.

    I had pretty much finished a PowerShell script to read the EXIF data and do similar sorting, but this is so much easier to deal with, and I hadn’t added any sort of duplicate checking.

  2. Timothy Thomas

    I haven’t even tried it yet and I’m Liking it.
    1. No adware to be worried about.
    2. Sent a file link instead of a download link hidden on some mysterious webpage that you might or might not find before you’ve clicked on 20 other Ads that say DOWNLOAD NOW!
    3. At no time was there an Offer inside the Installation ie: multiple accept buttons that nearly no one pays attention to then end up with random software on their computer and wondering where it came from.

    Just based on that experience and the comments I’ve already seen I’m buying it.

    So, all in all (prior to using) Looks Friggin Great to me.



  4. Tom

    It does what it says and is doing it fast. Easy to use interface. Just what I was looking for.

  5. Ish Rashad

    If there’s a Hall of Fame for “Hidden Gems”, PhotoMove has a gold star on the wall.
    Quite simply, I cannot be without it.
    It scores a 10 on every dimension – ease of use, no-fuss, effectiveness, speed.
    And probably the most important: Design. I am tired of utilities that try to do (or turn themselves into ) all-singing, all-dancing whatevers. There’s reason why the simplest tools in a toolbox are the ones that become essentials: the hammer, the wrench, the screwdriver. They do just one thing each and perfectly.
    Been using PhotMovefor years now.
    A keeper.

  6. Mark Barham


    This is a great little Gem of a program and sorted all my issues, works first time and works everytime and sorted over 6000 photos in no time at all, this one does what it says it will do.

  7. Shellie

    Fantastic program!!
    I have been looking for years for a a program that does exactly what Photomove2 does. I have downloaded so many other programs to try out and none of them can compare to this wonderful program! I have had several iphones and its been such a hassle to download photos to my pc. Iphone messes up the dates taken by adding some of their own data and there is no way to get the photos from the iphone to the pc in exact order. Its so frustrating. PhotoMove 2 organized five years of iphone photos, thousands of them in about one hour. I love PhotoMove! Thank you developers, Thank you.

  8. Sean

    Really a great product. It’s not revolutionary, but usually the best software isn’t. It gets exactly the job I needed done (recovering and sorting through tens of thousands of photos across multiple hard drives, some of which were last leg nearing failure), and does it with a clean, intuitive interface and almost all the options I required. I got about 1 week worth of work done in about 30 minutes (not including program run time).

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