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You have been sent an e-mail that contains your new password and the download link for your PhotoMove 2 Pro Program.

The email should arrive within a minute or two.

It will be sent to your PayPal email address.*

If you don’t receive it or have other problems, please contact us here. Or email We will get back to you promptly.

If you have any suggestions, comments or problems please contact us anytime.

Thank you for purchasing PhotoMove 2 Pro!

* PayPal email address:

When you purchase your Pro copy of PhotoMove the transaction is processed by PayPal.

The automatic email that contains your PhotoMove Pro login email and password will be sent to the address you have registered with PayPal.

Check the email you use with your PayPal account to receive your information.

15 Responses to “Thanks For Purchasing PhotoMove 2 Pro”

  1. A Harper

    I have been using the free version for a long time and don’t expect to need the pro features, but thought I’d pay now I need a new install due to computer dying.

    Very usefull program, thank you.

  2. Marco Tung

    Finally I find it! I am looking for this for a long time, before using lightroom this function only but which is too expensive, NOW! I very enjoy to use it to organize my photos. Thank you very much!

  3. Raumya

    For Hours I was running around in the internet which can do a very basic task, sorting my images based on date taken, with the date as folder name. and after hours of checking forum in google randomly this came up. this saved my day. my work is done thanks to this piece of code. I am buying this software just to thank the developer.

  4. Mark Ashbee

    I really like this program, very simple yet very effective. I have not bothered properly organising my files for many years so this is a great help.

    Thank you for the great software!

  5. Chris Snodgrass

    Best software solution I found for organizing pictures! Thank you.

  6. Peter Ivas

    This program does just what it says. I had to do a recovery on my sons hard drive with all of his photos from the last
    10 years . It was a mess ,this program saved me hours and hours of time.
    I just did a google search ,found it, saw the reviews and bought it.

  7. Martin

    This product does exactly what it claims, and has saved me an inordinate time sorting through many years of photos. I paid for the pro version and happy I did so as I wanted the extra flexibility it gave me.

  8. Michael Baker

    Hi Nick,

    As of the release of PhotoMove version 2.5 the date structure you are looking for is included in the Pro version. The format is called YMDsf (Year-Month-Day single folder)

  9. Nick Goldberg

    Great little program, thank you! Only suggestion would be to allow the folder structure to be changed. I typically dump all my day folders (i.e. 2015-02-13) into one year folder (2015) rather than by month.

    Although I didn’t need the paid features, I bought the software because it was an elegant solution to a tedious problem. Thanks!

  10. Michael Baker

    Hi Chris,

    PhotoMove will move or copy movie and video files such as .mp4 if they contain exif data. Most modern video recorders and camera now include exif information in their video files. In the past older cameras did not. (You can use the ‘Move or Copy By Filedate option to sort these by their file dates if you have a copy of PhotoMove Pro.)

    Send an email to with one of your video files attached and I can check it for you.


  11. Chris Lambert

    Is there any chance that Photo Move could move movies such as MP4s as well?



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